With a busy North Sea market place and competition for personnel high, organisations are looking more and more to the enhanced employee offering and how they can supplement earnings with the experience of working within their organisations. Now more than ever, wellbeing in the workplace and keeping our workforces well is a critical focus of business leaders, in attracting, developing and retaining their workforces.

Out with the Oil and Gas industry workplace, wellbeing appears on the agenda of the government and other prominent bodies. The government’s vision of "creating a society where the positive links between work and health are recognised by all, and everyone can aspire to a healthy and fulfilling working life, where health conditions and disabilities are not a bar to enjoying the benefits of work". Not only is it good for the individuals concerned, it is also good for business with fewer days lost to illnesses such as stress, and greater productivity, retention and creativity from happy, healthy staff.

Sessions can be for individual or groups, and are specifically tailored to individual requirements - for example, stress relief, eliminating performance fatigue and improving confidence. Qualified in counselling and NLP therapy, we can also support people who have been victims of bullying, conflict or trauma within the workplace.


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