Insights Discovery and Discovery Full Circle

Insights Discovery is a preference-based system with its foundations in the work of Carl Jung. Using colour as a common language for self-understanding, effective interaction and organisational growth, Discovery represents the unique thread running through our entire portfolio.

At its entry point, the Insights Discovery learning system identifies four colour-energies - Cool Blue, Earth Green, Sunshine Yellow and Fiery Red - and presents these on a wheel we call the Insights Discovery Wheel.

Each of us uses these colour energies to varying degrees, though it is our unique ordering of the energies that will shape our personal style, and it will be our preference for one colour energy that will indicate our dominant or preferred style of thinking, working and communicating.

Please see example John Smith profiles

Insights 'Discovery Full Circle' (DFC) is an excellent complement to the Discovery Personal Profile. DFC enables individuals to see how they are perceived by a selected group of people and highlights the difference between an individual's perception of self and the perception of others. DFC is valuable in both a group and also a one-to-one learning environment. The profile is presented in a familiar format using positive language and colourful graphics to bring the information to life.

Full Circle Summary:

  • Uses the language of colour to describe behaviour, making the process engaging and non-threatening.
  • Both individual and group feedback is provided – up to 12 respondents from manager(s), peers, team members and/or customers.
  • Allows the recipient to consider and discuss the range of findings, and produce a personal action plan for on-going development.
  • More effective team working.
  • Provides an excellent vehicle for giving and receiving feedback, managing conflict, and challenging perceptions in a safe and effective style.

Recipients are required to complete the full 25-question Discovery evaluator, and their respondents complete a shorter 10-question version. Each profile reveals how the recipient is perceived - expressed as a position on the Insights Discovery Wheel - and includes pages on Strengths and Weaknesses, Value to the Team and Management. This reflects how others see the individual using their preferences.

Repeating the Profile over time means that the tool is also an excellent means of assessing development and reviewing progress.


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