Many of the best and most influential leaders have executive coaches. Over the years there have been many definitions and many have labelled the benefits. But; what is executive coaching?

Solutions Store recognises the demands upon business leaders today and provides a support function in the shape of executive coaching – however, the shape and scale of what this actually looks like varies widely from person to person, from business to business, and client to client. The key theme of all our executive coaching relationships is exactly that; the relationship and the safety and confidentiality it affords. In addition to this there are some more general and common benefits listed below, however, these will vary from person to person;

  • Strengthens and gives confidence in personal impact, influence and performance.
  • Aids in dealing with difficult and stressful situations/conversations and individuals.
  • Improves communications.
  • Provides a solutions orientated space where leadership challenges can be resolved.

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